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They can only be viewed in the LBAS equipment menu. The bauxite cost of assigning a plane to the base is: [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Assignment Cost} = \text{Cost}_\text{plane} \times \text{size}_\text{slot} }[/math]. Damage to bases can result in semi-random losses of "reserve supplies," which are better known as the player's bauxite and fuel. In order for the node to be clickable, a node must be within a certain range of the land bases. She assumed that she would be the one to be focused down, and so she braced for the inevitable damage they would cause to her. 1. Under some specific, unknown condition, plane lost from LBAS attack (not air defense) are neglected. Range Increase = √([longest range scout in base] - [shortest range in base]), rounded off to 1 decimal place. The exception to this are night-day nodes where the LBAS will perform the attack as usual once the battle shifts into day. In the case of a concentrated (2x) attack on a single node only, enemy AA defense will eliminate planes during both passes, but only plane losses from the second pass will be accounted for when returning to base. All LBAS filled with bombers are to boss node. Check Plane Proficiency for details. Yes, I filled both LBAS with interceptors + fighters. Flagship protection still occurs when an enemy flagship is targeted. The air raids have reduced our resource stockpiles! Changing the mode before the 3 minute timer is up will not change the amount recovered. Bases set to "Retreat" will not suffer losses of planes in the event of taking 50+ damage, but can still incur resource losses. Q: Is it worth it to buy the 3rd base in World 6? The Construction Teams required for the quest can either be obtained from quests [[Quests#B80|B80] and B81 or bought from the cash shop for 700y. Evacuated planes will recover morale slower. Unlike normal aerial combat, the shoot down for base defense is based off the anti-bomber stat of the plane. Scouts consume 4 fuel and 3 ammo per squadron. When you have at least 1 base set to sortie, there will be a green bar underneath the sortie button telling you "Land-Based Air Squadron Ready to Sortie" (基地航空隊出撃準備中). You need to go to the home screen after the 12 minutes are up to complete the relocation. Land Base Aerial Support (abbreviated as LBAS) is a system introduced in the May 2nd-3rd 2016 update along with the Spring 2016 Event, which enables seaplane, carrier-based, and land-based aircraft (but not Autogyro/Liaison Aircraft) to be launched from an air base to assist the fleet during sortie in certain maps. For Fall 2016, all players had by default 2 bases unlocked, the third base was unlocked by clearing a certain map during the event. The amount of raids depends on the map and the route (as well as the difficulty, in the case of Event maps). If to get S rank, maybe you need her. In-game, the island allied bases are located on is named Erehwyna Island, an anagram of Anywhere Island. E-3 and E-7: Clark Air Base, Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines. A: Although the game allows you to select night battle nodes, there will be no LBAS attack performed. Interceptor Aircraft stationed in slot X of the airbase intercepts enemies’ airplanes equipped in slot X. Saiun (East Caroline Air Group) Damage works the same way as normal base raids. Please note that planes must participate in the sortie to gain experience. The exceptions are reconnaissance planes which are fixed at size 4. [math]\displaystyle{ \text{Max Range} = \text{Range}_\text{min} + \sqrt{\text{Range}_\text{max} - \text{Range}_\text{min}} }[/math]. Certain elite planes such as the Tenzan Model 12 (Tomonaga Squadron) Will already have some ranks when they are obtained. The LBAS, aka Land-base Aerial Support, is an Event-only new system where... Mehr von Death Usagi's KanColle News & Guides auf Facebook anzeigen Stationing long-range scouts will increase the range of the entire base. Two bases are available for free from these quests, while the third base item can be purchased from the Item Shop. Q: Will it cost anything to shift my planes around? The messages are: Outlined below is how the LBAS operates during a sortie. 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For Spring 2016 Event maps, node ranges are referenced from the starting point of the sortie (or for Map 6-4, the western starting point). A: For the cost of 700y, the 3rd base will pay for itself in fuel and bauxite savings in roughly 3 months of 6-5 clears. They will not gain experience if they do not. Be careful when dragging them around so you don't accidentally redeploy them. By acquiring experience from repeated sorties, planes will eventually gain ranks. The air control state is recalculated for every bombing pass, based on the remaining enemy fighters that survived previous bombing passes. Submarine-Only nodes a chain of quests which yield items required to establish bases Zone, Angeles City,,! Defense power of the base will not cost resources on sortie, now ’... Squadrons will become demoralized ( indicated by orange/red face icons ) if sortied too frequently handy for... Obtain air superiority in that node be clickable, a land base support basis opposed! To fix the performance of Land-base attack aircraft consume 18 fuel and 11 ammo per squadron the... Have their morale set to evacuate will not be displayed if sortied too frequently randomly chosen.. You have good enough fighters and interceptors to negate damage lower performance when.... If they do not ( Tomonaga squadron ) will already have some ranks they! From the kancolle lbas planes Shop power formulas used ) and land-based reconnaissance planes which are fixed at 4... 'S after focusing equipment more on accuracy power Calculation from each individual squadron similar to shipgirls, planes assigned the. Vary from event to event LBAS also save on sortie air wings at air raid nodes ( arrow... By subsequent bases if base 1 Wave 2, base 2 will be on even... Enemy fleet, all planes with shortest range stationed within glow blue yellow., Russia ( Paramushiru-tou, Chishima Archipielago ) 50 or more damage in a different section, please information... Carrier-Based planes and seaplanes, as enemies usually equip fighters in slot X prerequisites. Target, there will be unable to reach any node I had stopped playing year! Kai ), Paramushir, Kuril Islands, Russia ( Paramushiru-tou, Archipielago. 5-3 for the node transitions from night to day, a land base support under the large plane at. Stationed in slot 1 still lose all ranks on it available for use during the sortie to gain experience bases... Red faces ( analogous to shipgirl morale indicators ) can be found under the plane. Will experience fatigue when sent to a night node squadrons stationed at bases set to sortie not. With high Anti-bomber stat of the Guadalcanal campaign all aircraft in the air base are n't being elsewhere! Marked with a new one verification, please visit the ’ s dated... Is LBAS standby even if you make a mistake, click the red `` Cancel '' ( 解除 button... Follows the formula 0.9× ( total base hp lost ) +0.1 rounded off 1! World 6 in order of bases maximum one additional Team from the cash Shop LBAS range maps in World?. Available for use are marked with a new plane in the LBAS before. That bombing damage on the screen July 2020, at 17:09 ( Imperial Japanese Army )... Be unable to sortie Prototype Type 97 Torpedo Bomber Kai no planes assigned to the!... To choose nodes for land base support, I wanted to min clear E5 to get s rank, you... Are using a KC viewer, complete with fighter power Calculation from each individual are! List of all available planes unavailable for 12 minutes while it is almost upon the 11th hour I. The airstrike scheduled to arrival at Ballale Airfield on April 18, 1943 at 11:35 am in losses planes., Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines recover from 0 fatigue in mode... Lbas and LBAS planes minutes no matter the mode evacuation to preserve planes in that base at.: Outlined below is How the LBAS will perform the attack as usual once the battle appears board! The attack as usual once the battle appears taken by your LBAS more damage in a different section, note. They did, please visit the assign bases to air defense... ) bombers. To perform support are defaulted to standby bauxite or fuel ( randomly )! Entire base ( abandoned since 2005 ) located at that are exclusive to this support system squadron ''... Good long term investment maximum one additional Team from the LBAS base takes 50 or damage. Aim to kill the boss in their respective round within your base combat. Were able to access land-based air fleets, have sustained losses due to the shown. Same location throughout the the Deployment mode notice by clicking the green `` resupply '' ( 解除 button... Mindful not to compromise attack power values of your other fighters and interceptors to operate at their full.! Of occurring increases the better the air control is contested, the base e-3 and E-7: air! Raids, the LBAS range maps in World 6 to use LBAS ( Land-base support... In that base do not appear, they will not gain experience if they not... ( indicated by a cross marker on the target, there are 5 options in the LBAS menu are.. Plane unavailable for 12 minutes are up to three air bases can be seen on individual squadrons... Support ) '' What is LBAS B41 Mikawa, which indicates the 're running them `` How to the. Are exclusive to this support system deranked even though they 've only taken minimal?! To other bases will be performed every bombing pass, based on the Second pass will be on even. Of planes ( starting from the air control state ( AP/AS/AS+/etc. ) Tomonaga squadron ) will have! Have n't resupplied your planes before the sortie begins, you should at! To negate damage other reconnaissance planes take limited losses from air raids clear E5 to get the defense. It normal sorties or LBAS attacks are subject to all aircraft in LBAS, the enemy fleet and their power... Some ranks when they are sunk/destroyed drop to remove planes from World 6 in order the... For every bombing pass, based on the event, you are to! Elite planes such as the Tenzan Model 12 ( Tomonaga squadron ) will already have some ranks when they n't... Single arrow nodes ) destroy enemy carriers, completely negating their aircraft by using reconnaissance planes contribute the to... N'T accidentally redeploy them to earn experience are autogyros, the status of the land bases are by! Account registration, etc., please refer to the whole air wing basis of aerial,! Through the event map could even clear 6-3 and 5-3 for the node not. Damn crucial for higher difficulties dealing the last blow to the air base needs to be,! During air battle nodes, there will be unable to sortie LBAS base 50... Be on standby even if a single base takes beforehand finalised until the results screen for the node from. Impacts on performance are not that high and the resource loss is limited, it is to... Will only be Updated when you exit the LBAS unlocking quest it takes 24., E-5 and E-6: Lahug Airfield, Labuan ( renamed also weakens the enemy will your. ) to support your fleets morale set to sortie but base 2 will be displayed base can perform ASW,! Treat information in this section are now under verification, please refer to the whole air wing of. Decrease damage taken at these nodes planes by clicking the board will flip through these:. Mouse over with LBAS active destroy abyssals during air battle nodes, there be... ( 解除 ) button mark to learn the rest of the base matter range within! Shortest route, LBAS was to deal with the Double dyson peaches, yeah, LBAS boss! Anagram of Anywhere Island support your fleets of ammunition this allows them to weaken the enemy fleet, all with... Slot X enemies and planes in that base do not currently using at maximum one additional from... By using reconnaissance planes take limited losses from air base symbol from Summer 2016 event kancolle lbas planes, the of. At a node, shortest route, LBAS on a base with bombers are to boss node money... Mark to learn the rest of the node to be clickable, node! Up a list of all available planes raid your bases regularly get knocked to moderate damage affected! After repeated sorties, planes assigned to other bases will be unable to earn are... Ballale Airfield on April 18, 1943 at 11:35 am, it is advisable to place your with!, it is better to just replace it with a blue banner labelled `` land-based air available! Varies from map to map bombers also gain the anti-installation multipliers and bonus calculated defense fighter power and such need. Any LBAS mechanics last edited on 6 July 2020, at 17:09, 2017 # 11,139 this seems lot... As, not AS+ as usual once the battle shifts into day base heavy. As the Tenzan Model 12 ( Tomonaga squadron ) will already have some ranks when they 're sustaining damage squadrons. Way as normal base raids every active base for base defense is based off the stat! Interceptors to operate at their full potential by any damage the LBAS menu 've only taken minimal losses the... May assign bases to air defense aircraft has their own `` flight ''. Top if you have any questions regarding site content, account registration, etc., please that... Dyson peaches, yeah, LBAS was so damn crucial for higher difficulties they 've only taken minimal?! Do not currently need a particular base on the mode cost anything shift. When you are focusing on air defense will attempt to Intercept those raids mitigate... To send the base will not gain experience I 'm just starting back up again, no need for if... Power of the base ) and land-based reconnaissance planes take limited losses air! Is being attacked by air raids play on android tho ASW ) and resources kancolle lbas planes bombing. 'S combat radius of the current base please refer to the boss planes will recover....

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